Projects & Programs

The AWWF distributes funds as competitive grants to third-parties to further the following projects:

Storied Land & Waters

Published in 2018, this is a first-of-its-kind assessment of the historic and cultural resources of the Waterway. Learn more, read what people are saying, and get a copy of the book here.

Youth Engagement

Through strategic partnerships, funding to provide targeted youth extended paddling opportunities on the Waterway.

Land Conservation

Protection of important adjacent lands through fee and easement interests with willing, as opportunities arise.

Capital Improvements

Capital projects that fall outside annual AWW budget limits including but not limited to major trail construction, campsite building and/or major repairs to enhance the wilderness character of the AWW.

Research & Planning

Comprehensive inventory and condition assessment of AWW campsite and trail infrastructure in order to guide future management priorities and decisions.

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  • How to Donate

    The Allagash Wilderness Waterway Foundation accepts both unrestricted and targeted gifts to fulfill our mission to support the Waterway.

    Please make checks out to AWWF and mail to:

    PO Box 1141
    Bangor, Maine 04402

    Or, follow the link to PayPal.

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    Tour the Allagash Waterway warm and prepared by sporting our AWWF apparel. Visit our online store to see our wares.

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