Allagash Explorer

Allagash Explorer: A Take-Along Companion for Maine’s Wilderness Waterway

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Matt LaRoche, former Superintendent of the Waterway, praises Allagash Explorer as “a must-have pocket-guide to the Waterway. It provides colorful and compelling information about the cultural history and natural resources of the Allagash from earliest times to the present.”

Different from other guides, Allagash Explorer aims to provoke connections between the user and the historical, cultural, and natural resources of the Waterway; and to encourage visitors to record their own thoughts and observations of the Waterway and its personal impacts.

Guided by a schematic map of the Waterway, users experience the Allagash through a series of stories that highlight the history, ecology, and forest industry innovation that make the Waterway a singular and special place to visit, to be inspired by, and to learn from.

In one story, you will experience the life of a mid-20th century Allagash dam-keeper’s wife and the art that her life in the Waterway inspired. In others, you discover the varied ways people have accessed the Waterway over the centuries, by birchbark canoe, logging road, and snowshoe, and the brook trout, moose, and birds they encountered.

In still others, you will learn of the Waterway’s use over the millennia by the Wabanaki people, as well as by the creative forest engineers who moved its timber to markets in more recent times.

Created in close collaboration with the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, Allagash Explorer is designed for use in all seasons, and is available at:

OUR MISSION IS to enhance the wilderness character of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, protect its environment, and preserve and foster knowledge and understanding of its natural, historic and cultural values. In close collaboration with the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, we serve as the Friends of the Allagash.

- Allagash Wilderness Waterway Foundation