Coordinator Change at AWWF

The AWWF is pleased to introduce Chafee Emory as the new AWWF coordinator. Chafee is replacing Denise St. Peter who served in that role since 2019.

Denise St. Peter Whose Skills and Contributions Elevated the AWWF To a Higher Level of Success June 2022

Denise’s skills and contributions over the last three years have elevated the Foundation to a whole new level. Her support has boosted our number of friends, enhanced the Youth on the Allagash initiative, helped publish Allagash Explorer, assisted with the Natural Resource Inventory and Monitoring initiative, and established and supported our administrative and organizational development. At the AWWF annual meeting in June AWWF board of directors presented Denise with a Shaw & Tenney “The Allagash” artisan canoe paddle as a thank you for her outstanding contributions and wishes her well in her next endeavor.

At the same time, we welcomed Chafee as our new coordinator. Chafee is a native of Maine with a background in data analysis, marketing and communications, and leadership and management consulting. She is a competitive national and international sailor and enjoys hiking and camping, kayaking, paddleboarding, and yoga.

Chafee and Denise are overlapping during the month of June before Denise departs at the end of the month.

With this change comes a new address.

Starting now we are at – AWWF, P.O.Box 10008, Portland ME 04104-0008

Later this month Chafee will assume the email address