Advanced Leadership Wilderness Trip



Fully‐outfitted multi‐day paddling and camping trip for high school students who have demonstrated paddling experience or who have participated in an AWWF Youth on the Allagash trip in the past. The advanced leadership trip will focus on:

  • Proper canoe-manship, reading the river, canoe poling
  • Knots and uses of including 2 half hitches, bowline, modified trucker’s hitch
  • How to set up a tarp shelter
  • How to stay healthy and safe, map & compass (time permitting)
  • Cooking over an open fire, wilderness baking,
  • Practical leadership skills
  • Teamwork in camp and with a canoeing partner


9-12 graders from the St. John River Valley


The Allagash Wilderness Waterway—River Segment


  • Tuesday, May 28 – Saturday, June 1, 2024
  • Friday, July 5 – Tuesday, July 9, 2024

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AWWF covers all costs so please ignore the Canoe the Wild Online Store page (#3)


9-10 participants


Fully funded by AWWF and fully outfitted by Canoe the Wild— no fees


High school youth from the gateway communities to the Waterway. First priority goes to YOTA alumni


2 experienced Guides or Trip Leaders with substantial experience guiding multi‐day youth paddling and camping trips in remote areas, including on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.


Email Chafee Emory, AWWF Coordinator at


Traveling along historic native routes by canoe, participants will experience the landscapes that make the North Woods famous. We learn about the natural and long human history of the area as we focus on mastering canoe paddling in a variety of waters, as well as learning and refining the skills of wilderness travel.

Sample Trip Itinerary

The specific trip itinerary will be designed by Canoe the Wild with consideration given to wind and weather.

Sample Menu

The menu will be adjusted for dietary restrictions & allergies.

Day 1: Meet in St. Francis 9AM, transfer gear into dry river bags, ride to the launch location at Churchill Dam or Bisonettee. Have lunch before launching, orientation on paddling, arrive at camp, campsite orientation.

Lunch: Cold cut sandwiches, fruit, cookies

Dinner: Steak, potatoes, corn salad, strawberry shortcake

Day 2: Paddle Lively Chase Stream Rapids after detailed whitewater orientation spelling out clear guidelines for safety. Lunch at Bissonnette paddle and camp on Umsaskis or Long Lake. Fishing for brook trout, introduction to fly fishing.

Breakfast: eggs, bacon, potato, fruit

Lunch: Cold cut sandwiches, fruit, cookies

Dinner: Spaghetti w homemade sauce, gingerbread cake

Day 3: Paddle to Round Pond where we camp night 3. Introduction to canoe poling below Long Lake Dam.

Breakfast: french toast, sausage, fruit

Lunch: Cold cut sandwiches, fruit, cookies

Dinner: Taco soup, apple crisp

Day 4: Paddle to and camp at Pelletier’s Deadwater or Cunliffe Depot. View the Lombards and discuss logging history. Visit Joe Mickle’s grave.

Breakfast: pancakes, sausage, fruit

Lunch: Cold cut sandwiches, fruit, cookies

Dinner: chicken Rice and dumplings, smores, popcorn

Day 5: Last day, after breakfast, pack up, paddle to and takeout at Michaud Farms arriving back in St. Francis at 1PM. Meet with a ranger at the Farms and have the ranger discuss the AWW and the role of a ranger.

Breakfast: Oatmeal and fruit

Lunch: Cold cut sandwiches, fruit, cookies

Canoe the Wild Trip Leaders and Safety
  • Experienced Registered Maine Guides.
  • Carries a well stocked First Aid Kit
  • Have years of experience paddling whitewater included training in swift water rescue.
  • Have a passion for teaching outdoors and a deep love for wild places.
  • Trip Leaders in the field carry a DeLorme INREACH® device that allows a 24‐hour SOS function and two-way text communication.

For More Information

Email Shanna Lagasse, AWWF Youth Coordinator at

OUR MISSION IS to enhance the wilderness character of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, protect its environment, and preserve and foster knowledge and understanding of its natural, historic and cultural values. In close collaboration with the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, we serve as the Friends of the Allagash.

- Allagash Wilderness Waterway Foundation