Maine History

The Telos Cut

An excellent article on The Telos Cut was written by Elizabeth Bennett and published in the Memories of Maine Magazine Winter 2022 edition. Excerpt: In the 1840s, the need to drive logs down the Penobscot River and into Bangor was so strong it motivated wheeling and dealing, sparked violence, pushed innovation,...

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New Fire Tower Cabs at Allagash, Round Pond Mountains

The Bureau of Parks and Lands (BPL) recently installed new fire tower cabs on Allagash, Round Pond (T13 R12) and Deboullie Mountains. These projects have been in the planning stages for many years. I personally had wondered if it would actually happen in my lifetime. It seemed as though every...

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You Won’t Believe the 1859 Supply List at Chamberlain Farm on the Allagash River

Even Henry David Thoreau stopped by in 1857 to buy four pounds of brown sugar About halfway up the eastern shore of Chamberlain Lake, nestled behind a point of land once called Apmoojenegamook Point (now Hog Point) sits an old farmhouse. The building is all that is left of a thriving...

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