Wilderness Guide Gardner Defoe Inspires Fund in His Name

Legendary Maine Wilderness Guide Gardner Defoe led groups of youth down Maine rivers for over 25 years. A recent film called, Defoe’s Way, produced by O’Maine Studios and funded by L.L. Bean, tells the inspiring story of Defoe’s life and his many journeys down the Allagash River.

The alumni of these programs were profoundly changed by Defoe’s trips and their time on the Allagash. To honor their mentor and provide this same incredible opportunity to Maine youth, this group has created the Gardner Defoe Allagash Access Fund. Funds raised will be used to support wilderness trips for northern Maine youth through the Allagash Waterway Foundation Youth Initiative.  This year the Allagash Wilderness Waterway Foundation is proud to run 3 trips down the Allagash for youth from the St. John Valley and Millinocket communities.

The Gardner Defoe Alumni Group is working to raise $25,000 by December 1, 2017. This amount will fund 10 student trips on the Allagash for 5 years.  Gifts to this fund are greatly encouraged and needed.

To make a gift to The Gardner Defoe Allagash Access Fund, click here.

Defoes’s Way premiered in March 2017 in Portland and at Sugarloaf, and there will be several chances to view the film again.
It will be shown at the Maine Outdoor Film Festival at LL Bean on September 16, 2017, and throughout the coming winter.